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Guiseley Silica is listed in the RCHRailway Clearing House 1938 Handbook of Stations as having a private siding at Kidderminster. The Handbook also notes that General Refractories had a business accessed via (or sharing) the Guiseley Silica private siding. There is no information on the exact location of the siding, although Kelly's directory of 1936 lists Guiseley Silica Co. Ltd. as crushed gravel merchants with the address as Hoo Road.[1]

A 1936 advertisement lists Guiseley Silica as one of the General Refractories' group of companies as part of "An alliance of producers of heat resisting and heat insulating bricks".[2] Guiseley Silica was listed as one of a number of subsidiaries of General Refractories being liquidated for the purpose of amalgamation in January 1939.[3] A winding up notice for The Guiseley Silica Company Limited appeared in the London Gazette on 28 November 1939 with a meeting held at the offices of General Refractories Limited in Sheffield.[4]

Despite the winding up notice, the business may have continued or been re-established at a later date, as a subsequent report suggested that they operated two narrow gauge locomotives which were replaced by dump trucks by 1967[5].

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1:25000 Ordnance Survey map of Kidderminster south on the National Library of Scotland web site