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A group based at Kidderminster Town Station with a goal to add those "Oh-so-important" features of a typical GWRGreat Western Railway station which were not included in the original 1984 building. The Friends is run by a small committee of three and the Honorary President is Lucinda Lambton, a photographer, writer and broadcaster on mainly architectural matters. On 23 September 1984 Lambton christened the new Kidderminster Turntable and also officiated at a ceremony to mark the laying of the corbels for the Friends' project for the 'porte cochere' canopy at the station.[1]

They also publish a magazine three times a year.

Early days

The group was started at a meeting on 30 October 1993 by a number of SVRSevern Valley Railway volunteers, following a day out on the Bluebell Railway. Noting that the ‘Friends of Kingscote’ had done substantial work to improve Kingscote station at no cost to the Bluebell, they quickly formed the Friends of Kidderminster Town with the idea of doing the same for the SVRSevern Valley Railway.


The Friends have a Fund Shop on the station concourse at Kidderminster. They offer membership which costs just two pounds a month or £24 a year payable by standing order or cheque, and invite sponsorship of projects.[2]


Their website lists over 30 projects completed by the Friends including:

  • Much of the GWRGreat Western Railway style spearpoint fencing around the concourse
  • The ornamental roof crestings, the patterns for these cast roof crestings having been produced at the SVRSevern Valley Railway's pattern shop by copying fragments of originals recovered from Ross-on-Wye
  • The GWRGreat Western Railway 'pagoda' shelter at Northwood Halt
  • Repairing GWRGreat Western Railway speartop panels for the terrace alongside the new restaurant at Bridgnorth.

The Friends also maintain several heritage vehicles including a Scammell Mechanical Horse (6-ton) and a Thornycroft 'Nippy' lorry.

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