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Dogs are welcome on the Severn Valley Railway. The riverside walk, Country Park and other countryside walks and the ability to combine walks and the train make the railway a popular destination for dog owners.


Until 2021 the following applied:

  • Dog tickets cost £3.00 each for any journey, single or return.
  • Dogs may travel in place of a child on the Loyalty Pass (introduced in April 2020, formerly the Annual Family Pass). There is a maximum of four children or dogs so, for example, two children and two dogs are allowable.

From 2021 dogs were not charged.


  • Dogs may not travel in dining cars.
  • Dogs may not travel on carriage seats or tables.
  • Dogs are not admitted to the first floor of The Engine House, including the 'The Flag & Whistle Food Stop' nor the refreshment rooms/ buffets at Kidderminster, Bewdley or Bridgnorth.
  • For Christmas services dogs can travel on normal services and the Steam in Lights event. They may NOT travel on Santa Trains, Enchanted Express or Carol Trains.

In addition, dogs may not be permitted in the following.

Dogs are permitted in the "King & Castle" pub at Kidderminster

Assistance dogs

Assistance dogs and accredited Assistance dogs in training are welcome in the restaurants and public houses, on trains and at The Engine House. They travel free on trains.

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