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Diesel Traction Group (DTG) was formed in 1977 from a group of six enthusiasts led by Chris Reid and Colin Massingham.


DTG Limited is a private limited company number 05012555 incorporated on 12 January 2004.[1] DTG Limited oversees the running of D1015 Western Champion. To allow the DTG to operate in today's financially demanding world it formed a wholly owned trading subsidiary, DTG Trading Limited.[2] [3] DTG Trading Limited is a shareholder in SVR(H).

Membership to the group is by purchasing shares, when they become available, in a locomotive. The group therefore has a very low turnover of members. It operates a non-profit system whereby should a locomotive later be sold the member is returned only the face value of their original share. In January 2017 the Group offered new shares to raise funds for a replacement engine for D1015 Western Champion.[4] This was successful and the appeal closed the following month.[5]


The Group owns/manages four locomotives, all based at SVRSevern Valley Railway:

Before they became resident, D8568 and D1015 periodically visited the SVRSevern Valley Railway for Diesel Galas or attention from the DTG Engineering Staff.

Mainline operations

*The Group's main line operations are carried out in conjunction with Pathfinder Tours and Vintage Trains (Tyseley).[6]

Other activity

The DTG regularly offers assistance and advice to other locomotive owning groups. They helped to maintain BR Class 27 D5410 at the SVRSevern Valley Railway on behalf of the owner, Sandwell Council.

The DTG also supported the Diesel Depot.

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