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While all trains are wheelchair accessible, due to the historic design of carriages with their narrow doors and gangways, some of the carriages' accommodation is not suitable. The SVRSevern Valley RailwaySVRA:Severn Valley Railway AssociationSVRS:Severn Valley Railway Society has sought to provide wheelchair-accessible adapted carriages with the support of groups on the railway and external bodies. These specially adapted vehicles, which allow wheelchair access, are available on certain trains and can accommodate wheelchairs that are within the dimensions prescribed in government regulations covering public transport (700mm wide by 1200mm long). Disability-friendly toilets are also fitted in some of these vehicles. The SVRSevern Valley RailwaySVRA:Severn Valley Railway AssociationSVRS:Severn Valley Railway Society issues ‘Wheelchair Guidance for Passengers’.

At all stations, excluding Northwood Halt, ramps are available which connect between the train and the platform. The train crew and station staff will assist passengers in wheelchairs if required.

Notable events

  • 1995: BR Gangwayed Brake 80776 won the Association of Railway Preservation Societies' “Coach of the Year” award for its conversion to a passenger carrying vehicle for up to 16 wheelchair users and 15 accompanying passengers.
  • 1998: LNER 24105 Open Third entered SVRSevern Valley RailwaySVRA:Severn Valley Railway AssociationSVRS:Severn Valley Railway Society service incorporating a wheelchair area
  • 26 August 2003: SVR Wolverhampton Branch commenced the wheelchair accessible conversion of BR 4690 Tourist Standard Open, which was in use by 4 August 2008.
  • August/September 2010: work undertaken on Driving Motor Brake Second M50933 under contract to Bewdley C&W provided the conversion of an area in the diesel unit for use by visitors in wheelchairs. There is plenty of space for wheelchairs and four comfortable seats for the use of others who may be travelling with them.[1]
  • May 2016: The SVR announced that the SVR Charitable Trust had won a grant of £75,000 in a Department for Transport competition, for a scheme to transform the Railway’s travel offering for disabled passengers. The scheme involved the restoration and conversion of BR 4399 Tourist Standard Open and 80776, and the purchase of lightweight, portable ramps for each of the Railway’s wheelchair-accessible carriages.
  • November 2017: work began on the conversion of GWRGreat Western Railway CollettCharles Benjamin Collett, Chief Mechanical Engineer (CME) of the Great Western Railway 1922-1941 Bow-Ended Coach No 5043 to GWR 9581 Wheelchair accessible Buffet Car, with saloon accommodation for disabled passengers and their companions at one end and an accessible buffet counter at the other.
  • 13 August 2019: 4399 returned to service incorporating adjustments similar to sister 4690; the removal of seats to allow a pair of double doors to be fitted on each side, next to a wheelchair parking area.

The carriages are:

Set Vehicle Notes
Set C, British Rail Mark 1s in Crimson & Cream BR 4399 Tourist Standard Open
Set GW2, GWRGreat Western Railway coaches, in Chocolate & Cream GWR 9581 Wheelchair accessible Buffet Car In course of conversion
Set L, LMSLondon Midland & Scottish Railway in Maroon LMS Brake Third Corridor 26880
Set M, British Rail Mark 1s in Maroon BR 4690 Tourist Standard Open
Set N, LNERLondon & North Eastern Railway & GNRGreat Northern Railway Teak Wheelchair Open Third (WTO) 24105
Set S, 'The Severn Valley Limited' diner set in GWRGreat Western Railway Chocolate & Cream BR 80776 Brake Gangwayed Converted to passenger usage for disabled passengers, being further adapted as wheelchair dining car
Set T, the 'Toplights' GWR 9055 Nondescript Saloon Set in occasional use
Class 108 DMU Driving Motor Brake Second M50933


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