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The Passenger Tank Fund owns BR Standard 4MT No 80079.

An appeal by the Passenger Tank Fund to acquire the locomotive was published in SVRSevern Valley Railway News in Autumn 1970.[1] A share issue to raise the £3,000 purchase price was successfully completed by Spring 1971.[2]

Railway Herald magazine reported on 7 November 2011 that the Fund is one of three similar funds operating on the SVRSevern Valley Railway. An initial group of 18 members formed The Ivatt Class 4 Group to purchase LMS Ivatt Class 4 43106, a larger group formed The Passenger Tank Fund, before a still larger group formed The 75069 Fund to purchase that locomotive.

As with several groups on the SVRSevern Valley Railway the Fund has a low profile with no website or social media presence.

A special meeting of The Passenger Tank Fund had been arranged for 30 October 2011 to discuss and vote on a proposed sale of the locomotive to Mr Jeremy Hosking.[3] No such sale took place.

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