GWR 66 Breakdown Tool Van

GWR 66 Breakdown Tool Van
GWR 66 20210417.jpg
GWR Breakdown Tool Van 66
Built By GWR Swindon
Status Operational (Static use)
Number 66
Other Numbers DW 66[1]
Built 1921
Lot 864
Type 4-w tool van
Telegraphic code n/a
1976 Arrived on SVR

Goods Wagons

GWR Breakdown Tool Van 66 was built in 1921 and first allocated to Taunton. In service these 6-wheel Tool Vans carried a large selection of equipment and lifting tackle, and were paired with Riding/Dormitory Vans such as GWR89. They were vacuum-braked to permit fast running to the scene of accidents and breakdowns on the railway.[2]

66 was originally gas lit and when preserved, all the fittings apart from gas mantles and light shades were still intact.

66 arrived on the SVR on 23 April 1976 from Ashchurch. It was owned by the Erlestoke Manor Fund until 1985, when it was put up for sale. It was then acquired by the GWR 813 Preservation Fund, and initially put to use as a tool van by the P.Way Department[3].

GWR 66 is situated at Hampton Loade where it is used by The Barry Railway Carriage Trust as a sales vehicle[4].

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