David Williams

David C. Williams joined the Severn Valley Railway Society in 1966, seven months after its foundation.

As a volunteer he was a locomotive fireman for five years and a driver for nine. He soon became the Editor of SVR News from Issue 3 in July 1966, a role he held for more than 57 years until 2023.[1][2] He has authored or co-authored SVR publications Severn Valley Railway Journey, The Severn Valley Railway Guide and Severn Valley Railway Stock Books. He has also authored articles from time-to-time in the railway press. Several books of his photographs of the SVR have been published and he is also one of the members of the Master Neverers Association.

He has held a number of Officer roles on the SVR:

He retains an interest in rolling stock, having been instrumental with colleagues in preservation groups Ivatt Class 4 Group, Passenger Tank Fund and The 75069 Fund. He assisted in other schemes.


David Williams, a former SVR TTI and treasurer of the SVR Junior Club, passed away in March 1992.

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