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Colin Binch commenced work with the SVRSevern Valley Railway on 4 April 2006 for an extended familiarisation and hand-over period, assuming the role of SVR General Manager on 1 June 2006. Mr Binch succeeded Alun Rees on the latter’s retirement.

The role had been advertised thus:

"The post is very high profile and extremely demanding. The successful candidate will have an understanding of railway operations and engineering, and wide-ranging experience and skills. The SVRSevern Valley Railway seeks applications from mature, stable persons who can offer the above skills together with a degree of computer literacy, an ability to communicate effectively at all levels and to lead and motivate a workforce consisting of both paid and volunteer staff".[1]

Curriculum Vitae

Mr Colin Binch, BSc, MBA, C Eng, MI Mech E, is a graduate in Mechanical Engineering from the City University, London, and also of the Manchester Business School, served an apprenticeship with Brush Electrical Machines Ltd., and had enjoyed a thirty year career in mechanical engineering extending from the workshop bench to the boardroom. At the time of his appointment he was fifty two years of age and resident near Newark, Notts, but intended relocating to the local area.[2] He is also a noted photographer.[3] His prints were part of the packages of goods associated with the SVRSevern Valley Railway's 'Adopt an Engine' fundraising campaign following the 2020 coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic[4].

Departure from the SVRSevern Valley Railway

In September 2006 it was announced by the SVRSevern Valley Railway that "The Severn Valley Railway regrets to announce that Mr Colin Binch is no longer employed as general manager and has left under terms to be agreed" with reported "differences".[5] It was subsequently reported in SVRSevern Valley Railway News that differences included working with "a workforce consisting of both paid and volunteer staff", an example given being the volunteer organiser of Footplate Experiences who had resigned (later rescinded) from the role.

Mr Binch was succeeded by a group of three volunteers - Mike Ball, Roger Smith and Tony Bending - during the interregnum before Nick Ralls was appointed in 2007.

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