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A.P. 'Tony' Tuite was the first Chairman of the Severn Valley Railway Society.

In response to Keith Beddoes’ launching an initiative to save one of the local branch lines, a meeting of interested parties was held on 29 June 1965 at the house of Tony Tuite. This led to the public meeting at the Coopers Arms in Kidderminster on 6 July 1965 at which the Severn Valley Railway Society was formed. Tony Tuite chaired that meeting and was appointed first Chairman of the new Society.[1]

A public meeting took place at Bridgnorth Castle Hall on 31 August 1965, at which Tony Tuite told those assembled, “Some (other railway) societies did not like the SVRSSevern Valley Railway Society and even banded together to squash us”. The following month Highley Council objected on the basis that the road needed to be realigned at Eardington Road Bridge, with one councillor quoted as saying “A straight road is more important than people playing with puff puffs”. In response, Tony Tuite appealed for more local support for reopening the railway.[2]

By mid-October 1965 several changes to the Society Committee had taken place, with John Garth becoming acting Chairman in place of Tony Tuite and Alan Cleaver Secretary in place of Don Beddoes.[2]

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