Timetables: Severn Valley Branch; Kidderminster, Bewdley, Tenbury and Woofferton 1937-38

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These extracts from the GWRGreat Western Railway Service Timetables for the period 27 September 1937 to 3 July 1938 show trains between Hartlebury and Shrewsbury via the Severn Valley Branch and between Kidderminster and Woofferton via the Tenbury Branch.


The timetable for the Severn Valley Branch included five weekday through services in each direction. The timings were:

From Shrewsbury:

  • 8.15am to Kidderminster (arr 10.06am, continuing to Birmingham)
  • 11.25am to Hartlebury (arr 1.17pm)
  • 1.50pm to Kidderminster (arr 3.30pm)
  • 5.30pm to Kidderminster (arr 7.14pm)
  • 7.50pm to Hartlebury (arr 9.39pm)

To Shrewsbury:

  • 7.29am from Hartlebury (arr 9.21am)
  • 10.45am from Kidderminster (arr 12.25pm)
  • 1.38pm from Hartlebury (arr 3.35pm)
  • 4.25pm from Hartlebury (arr 6.28pm)
  • 5.30pm from Hartlebury (arr 7.37pm)

On Sundays no services now ran north of Bridgnorth.

The Tenbury Branch included five weekday departures from Kidderminster and Woofferton. The timings were:

From Kidderminster:

  • 8.48am to Woofferton (arr 9.50am)
  • 10.16am to Woofferton (arr 11.28am)
  • 1.50pm to Woofferton (arr 2.55pm)
  • 4.40pm to Woofferton (arr 5.47pm)
  • 5.46pm to Woofferton (arr 6.49pm)

To Kidderminster:

  • 8.30am from Woofferton (arr 9.41am)
  • 10.15am from Woofferton (arr 11.31, continuing to Birmingham)
  • 11.50pm from Woofferton (arr 1.10pm)
  • 3.35pm from Woofferton (arr 4.58pm)
  • 6.55pm from Woofferton (arr 8.00pm, continuing to Stourbridge Junction)

Severn Valley Branch

GWR STT15 1937-09-27 01.jpg
GWR STT15 1937-09-27 83.jpg
GWR STT15 1937-09-27 84.jpg
GWR STT15 1937-09-27 85.jpg
GWR STT15 1937-09-27 86.jpg
GWR STT15 1937-09-27 87.jpg
GWR STT15 1937-09-27 88.jpg

Tenbury Branch

GWR STT12 1937-09-27 01.jpg
GWR STT12 1937-09-27 90.jpg
GWR STT12 1937-09-27 91.jpg
GWR STT12 1937-09-27 92.jpg
GWR STT12 1937-09-27 93.jpg

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