Timetables: Severn Valley Branch; Bewdley, Tenbury and Woofferton 1922

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These 1922 public timetables show trains between Worcester and Shrewsbury via the Severn Valley Branch and between Kidderminster and Woofferton via the Tenbury Branch. A separate table was included for the local 'railmotor' service between Kidderminster, Bewdley and Stourport, described as "Motor Cars – One class only".[note 1] These provided a regular weekday service with the first departure from Kidderminster at 5.30am and the last arrival back at 9.35pm. One railmotor service also ran from Worcester as far as Bridgnorth.


On the Severn Valley Branch five services left Shrewsbury on weekdays as in the previous decade, although for the first time the majority of these were to Kidderminster rather than Hartlebury. Four of the five return services originated at Hartlebury, with the last departure now being relatively early at 5.30pm (a later departure now only ran as far as Bridgnorth rather than continuing to Shrewsbury).

From Shrewsbury:

  • 8.10am to Kidderminster (arr 10.08am)
  • 11.25am to Hartlebury (arr 1.15pm)
  • 1.50pm to Hartlebury (arr 3.37pm)
  • 5.30pm to Kidderminster (arr 7.25pm)
  • 7.40pm to Kidderminster (arr 9.10pm)

To Shrewsbury:

  • 7.28am from Hartlebury (arr 9.25am)
  • 10.45am from Kidderminster (arr 12.32pm)
  • 1.35pm from Hartlebury (arr 3.35pm)
  • 4.30pm from Hartlebury (arr 6.30pm)
  • 5.30pm from Hartlebury (arr 7.32pm)

On Sundays the timetable did not show any workings north of Bridgnorth.

The Tenbury Branch weekday timetable included five return workings between Kidderminster and Woofferton.

Timetable Worcester to Shrewsbury 1922.jpg

Timetable Kidderminster to Woofferton 1922.jpg

Timetable Kidderminster Bewdley Hartlebury 1922.jpg

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  1. Marshall (1989) p. 142. states that steam railmotors only operated until 1918, citing Locos of the GWRGreat Western Railway Parts 11 and 13, RCTS 1956 and 1983. The 1920s services may therefore have have used autocoaches, although the description of 'Motor Cars – One class only' is identical with the previous decade when steam railmotors were still in use.


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