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This program was part of the 1972 BBC Drama Playhouse series.

Scripted by (Daleks and later Survivors creator) Terry Nation, Rich Cross describes it as an "unsuccessful series pilot". Baldick’s signature mode of transport was his private train 'The Red Czar', on which he was to roam far and wide at home and abroad.[1] At the time, SVRSevern Valley Railway News referred to the production as "The Incredible Dr. Baldick". However internet sources suggest the final title was "The Incredible Robert Baldick" or "The Incredible Robert Baldick: Never Come Night". “Never Come Night” was intended as the first instalment of the aborted series.

Filming on the SVRSevern Valley Railway

Filming took place on Tuesday 20 June 1972 at Hampton Loade, Highley, Victoria Bridge and between Bewdley and Foley Park. The locomotive used was 686 The Lady Armaghdale, cosmetically modified with an extended chimney and false Salter safety valves. Two of the recently arrived Ex-Longmoor Military Railway saloons were also used, repainted cream and red by permission to appear of Russian origin. Esso Oil Tank Wagon 2686 was used to supply water at the various locations where filming took place.

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