The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain

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The Englishman Who Went UpIn reference to the direction of travel means towards the major terminus (i.e. towards Kidderminster on the present day SVR) a Hill But Came DownIn reference to the direction of travel means away from the major terminus (i.e. towards Bridgnorth on the present day SVR) a Mountain was a 1995 fictional comedy drama starring Hugh Grant and Tara Fitzgerald.[1] Set in 1917, an English cartographer and his accomplice tell a Welsh village that their mountain is only a hill, and the community conspires to detain them while they make the hill higher.

When told that their (sabotaged) car cannot be fixed, characters George and Reginald (Grant) head for the railway station where the stationmaster advises that there are no trains in a ruse to keep them in the village. Later, the pair return to the station but are told that the line is now flooded. Hampton Loade was used as a filming location with views from the waiting room and of the station building.[2]

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