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Severn Valley Railway Charitable Trust Ltd

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update on ownership of LNER teaks
*Some of these carriages were formerly owned by a separate body, the L.M.S & B.R. Coach Fund. The Coach Fund donated them to the Charitable Trust in 2007, following which it became a department within the Charitable Trust. The department maintains a [[L.M.S. & B.R. Coach Department Sales Coach | sales coach]] at [[Bridgnorth]].
*Three carriages were also acquired from [[The LNER (SVR) Coach Fund | the LNER (SVR) Coach Fund]] in 2010, at which time [[The LNER Carriage Group | the LNER Carriage Group]] similarly became a department within the Charitable Trust.
*In early 2016, the [[The LNER (SVR) Coach Fund|LNER (SVR) Coach Fund]] and the [[Severn Valley Railway (Holdings) PLC|SVR Holdings Company]] transferred the ownership of their LNER carriages to the Charitable Trust, resulting in the Trust now owning all nine LNER carriages based on the SVR.
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