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The SVRSevern Valley Railway's Education Centre is based at The Engine House at Highley. It provides a range of curriculum based school programmes, details of which may be found on the SVR Website "Education Service" page (external link).

Early history

The SVRSevern Valley Railway first 'entered the schools market' in Christmas 2002, operating eight "Christmas Cracker Expresses", trains that the railway promoted and operated for Schools, Nurseries and Playgroups separately from the trains advertised in the 'Christmas Services Brochure'. These increased in number to fourteen and sixteen over the next two years.[1]

The SVRSevern Valley Railway's Education Department, or "School Education Service" as it was also known, was formed in spring 2003, initially under the direction of Education Officer David Mee. It began by operating two weeks of "Learn With Thomas" events at Arley, which followed a more limited trial of the same event the year before.[2]

Although the following year's event, "Big Images for Little People" drew smaller numbers, it was sufficiently encouraging to give hope that it would establish itself in future years. An external grant was obtained in 2004 towards funding of the education programme. The SVRSevern Valley Railway was also in the course of submitting an application for grant assistance to the Heritage Lottery Fund for the construction of The Engine House, which required proof that there would will be a significant contribution to general education (of the general public as opposed to the narrower sense of 'school' education) in the project.[3] Following approval of construction in late 2005, the Railway advertised the role of Assistant Education Officer[4] By Mid-2006 David Mee had become "Education Services Manager" and Mrs N Taylor was "Education Officer".[5]

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