LB&SCR Open Goods Wagon 4365

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LB&SCRLondon Brighton & South Coast Railway Open Goods Wagon 4365
LBSC 4365 20160218.jpg
LBSC 4365
Status Awaiting restoration
Number 4365
Built 1921
Diagram 29, SRSouthern Railway Diagram 1369
Lot 47
Type 4-wheel 5-plank open
Capacity 10 tons

Goods Wagons

This ex-London Brighton & South Coast Railway 4-wheeled 5 plank open goods wagon is stored at Kidderminster Railway Museum.

The 5 plank opens were the most numerous of the LBSCRLondon Brighton & South Coast Railway's wagon fleet. The company, however, never adopted RCHRailway Clearing House standards and as a result under Southern ownership these vehicles suffered withdrawals or put in departmental stock. Some were built with sheet rails, these vehicles later had the ends cut down and tarp rails removed. A restored example hi-bar example, 3346 from 1914, can be found at the Bluebell Railway. Several SRSouthern Railway built versions exist on other lines.

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