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The following carriages are shown in the VCT database as being on the SVR, but have not yet been added to the list of carriages, pending confirmation that they are still present or have left. Please add the location in the last column to confirm.

Vintage Carriages Trust Data VCT Database Entry Location confirmed
BR 10677 Mk 3a Convertible Sleeper built 1981 10677
BR 16169 Mk 1 Corridor Composite built 1961 16169
BR 25771 Mk 1 Corridor Second built 1961 25771 Kidderminster Carriage Works (Facebook photo)
BR 34606 Mk 1 Brake Corridor Second built 1955 34606
BR 35467 Mk 1 Brake Corridor Second built 1962 35467
GWR 2233 Hawksworth BTK, now overnight accommodation built 1950 2233 Bewdley Yard
LMS 31420 Gangwayed Full Brake built 1950 31420

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