Stewart Clark

James Malcolm Stewart Clark was a former Chairman of the Severn Valley Railway Association, and a Director of SVR(H) and the Charitable Trust. He is still involved with The LNER Carriage Group.

Stewart Clark was already a long-time member when he joined the SVRA Committee as representative of the SVRA South East Branch in 1987.[1] Although a London resident at the time, he became involved with the Bridgnorth C&W group; an article in SVR News in 1994 on the restoration of Bar Car 1883 noted that Stewart "…travels 150 miles every visit to spend about a day and a half making the doors lock properly. By the time he finishes the last door, he will have clocked up 1800 miles travelling to do that task alone!"[2]

Stewart became SVRA Vice-Chairman in 1989 under Chairman Alvin Barker[3] and was the SVRA representative on the SVR(H) Board of Directors between 1995 and 1998.[4] He was also involved with The LNER (SVR) Coach Fund, of which he became Honorary Secretary.[5] He became SVR Chairman in 2000,[6] and in 2002 was succeeded as SVRA Chairman by Gordon Foster.

When the SVR Rolling Stock Trust was formed at the end of 2001, Stewart became a Trustee, representing the interests of the SVR’s carriage groups, and also contributing to the development of education and training policy.[7] He was present at the ceremony at Kidderminster on 17 April 2004 at which 7819 Hinton Manor was formally handed into the custody of the Trust.[8] At the time he was still actively involved in carriage restoration.[9]

Stuart ceased to be a Director and Trustee in the Charitable Trust in 2016. As of 2019 he is still a member of The LNER Carriage Group.[10]

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