Stanier Mogul Fund

42968 at Highley in 2011

The Stanier Mogul Fund was established in 1970 to purchase and restore LMS Stanier Mogul 42968.[1]. It is an unincorporated association with membership available by purchasing shares and payment of a monthly donation. With a view to the future it introduced in 2017 a 'Young Members' Scheme for those aged under 30.

The Fund has successfully planned ahead for the locomotive’s maintenance requirements and holds working parties at the SVR for maintenance, repair and overhaul work. It also makes provisions for the financing of overhauls and is planning for the locomotive's future requirements, with the ambition that it can be in traffic for its Centenary in 2034.

It publishes a ‘Stanier Mogul Fund News’ magazine twice a year and operates an online Members Portal with news and historical information. It collates photographs and other material of the engine and its classmates, with an archive of more than 20,000 sightings of Stanier Moguls and 2,000 photographs.

The Stanier Mogul Fund sales stand operates, typically on special events and summer Saturdays, located on the concourse of Kidderminster Town station.

The fund also is a minor shareholder of Severn Valley Railway (Holdings) PLC.[2]

In spring 1987 the "Steam Snacks" SVRA raffle raised £1,256 for the Fund[3].

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