Stanier 8F Locomotive Society

48773 at Bridgnorth, running as LMS 8233

The Stanier 8F Locomotive Society owns LMS Stanier 8F 48773 and ICI bogie steel hopper wagons 19052 and 19129.



The Stanier 8F Locomotive Society Limited, Company number 00990440, is a Private company limited by guarantee without share capital. It was incorporated on 29 September 1970.[1]

The Society is a Registered Charity, number 261751. The Charity Commission records the Society’s principal activity as “Preservation in working order of ex LMS Stanier 8F steam locomotive 48773/8233”.[2]

It operates a paid membership and all members receive 'Black Eight' magazine, which is published periodically. In recent years the Society has operated a sales stand at galas and special events on the SVR and other railways.

The Society is raising funds towards the costs of the next locomotive overhaul, with over £60,000 raised against a stretching target of £250,000.[3]

The Society also is a shareholder of Severn Valley Railway (Holdings) PLC.[4]

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