Jack Bond

Jack Bond is a long-serving SVR Volunteer. He was Chairman of the Severn Valley Railway Association between 1980 and 1983.

During the 1960s, the group involved in restoring Bridgnorth Station was sometimes referred to as "Jack Bond and Company".[1] Jack met his future wife Denise during an event at Bridgnorth station in 1967.[2]

By 1974 Jack was on the committee of the SVRA Wolverhampton Branch[3] and was that Branch’s representative on the main SVRA Committee.[4] He was involved in the spring 1975 raffle organised by the SVRA Wolverhampton Branch in aid of the German 064 Klasse Fund, for which he published an appeal in SVR News.[5]

He succeeded Ron Gardner as SVRA Chairman in 1980.[6] During the early 1980s he was involved in the restoration of 75069,[7] and after retiring from the SVRA Committee in 1984 he continued to spend volunteer time working in the MPD.[8] He was succeeded as SVRA Chairman by Chris Thomas.

Jack was later involved with Arley Station, where he was presented with his 40 year service badge in 2006.[9]

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