GWR 5600 Class 5619

GWR 5600 Class 5619
5619 20190315.jpg
5619 at the Spring Steam Gala in 2019
Built By GWR Swindon Works
Configuration 0-6-2T
Power class GWR: D, BR: 5MT
Axle load class GWR: Red
Loco Number 5619
Built 1925
Designed By Charles Collett
Type GWR 5600
1964 Withdrawn from traffic
1973 Left Barry
1981 Restored to traffic
Weight 69t 7cwt
Tractive effort 25,800 lb
Pressure 200 lb/sq in

Steam Locomotives

GWR 5600 Class 5619 was hired by the SVR in Summer 1987 and has also appeared as a gala guest.

A brief description of the 5600 Class is included in GWR 5600 class 6634. The class was not used on the Severn Valley Branch in service north of Bewdley due to its 'Red' axle weight classification, although one was allowed to work a coal train to Alveley Colliery by mistake. The class was however used on trains for Stourport Power Station[1].


5619 in service

5619 was built at Swindon in March 1925 to lot number 228 at a cost of £3,988 including £906 for boiler. It was withdrawn from Barry shed in June 1964 with a total mileage of 778,263 and sold to Barry Scrapyard on 18 August. [2]

5619 in preservation

5619 left Barry in May 1973, the 40th locomotive to do so.[3]. It was purchased in 1973 by Telford Development Corporation and transported to Horsehay and is under the care of the Telford Horsehay Steam Trust. It steamed again in 1981 and has visited many preserved railways.

5619 on the SVR

In 1987 SVR locomotives 7819 Hinton Manor, 75069 and 46443 provided the motive power for BR’s Cardigan Bay Express summer season. GWR 5700 Class 7760 and 5619 spent summer at the SVR as cover for their absence, participating in the Summer Steam Gala before departing in August and September respectively.

5619 also appeared at the 2019 Spring Steam Gala.

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