GWR/BR 92080 Fruit D Van

GWR/BR 92080 Fruit D Van
BR 92080 20150320.jpg
GWR/BR Fruit D Wagon 92080
Built By BR Swindon
Status Static use
Number 92080
Other Numbers W92080
Built 1958
Diagram 805
Lot 30383
Type 4-w ventilated van
Telegraphic code FRUIT D
1978 Arrived on SVR

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GWR/BR 92080 Fruit D Van is a long wheelbase fruit van, one of around 13 survivors of the type of which four are preserved on the SVR, the others being W3429, W3467 and W92090. A description of the type can be found on the W3429 page. 92080 was built by BR at Swindon to Diagram 805 Lot 30383[1] based on a GWR design. The Fruit D vans were classified as Non Passenger Carrying Coaching Stock (NPCCS).

92080 was built at Swindon in 1958 and was originally electrically lit with power from an axle driven dynamo and chassis mounted batteries, similar to the system used on passenger coaches. It arrived on the SVR on 19 January 1978, having been bought by the 4150 Fund with the intention of being used for storage of loco spares, and was restored to ENPARTS livery (a code used by GWR and BR(W) for vans carrying loco part from the Swindon factory to loco sheds).[2]

92080 is used as a stores van for GWR Large Prairie 4150.

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