BR 955243 Goods Brake Van

BR 955243 Goods Brake Van
BR 955243 Goods Brake Van.jpg
The frame and brake wheel of BR Brake Van 955243
Built By Faverdale
Status Stored (chassis only)
Number B955243
Built 1962
Diagram 1/507
Lot 3394
Type 4-wheel brake van
Capacity 20 tons
Telegraphic code TOADFIT
Brakes vac through piped
1990 Arrived on SVR
2001 Fire damaged

Goods Wagons

BR 20 ton 'Toadfit' brake van 955243 was built in 1962 at Faverdale to Diagram 1/507 Lot 3394.[1]

It was moved to the SVR from the embryonic Southall Steam Centre in 1990 by owner J.J. Smith, arriving 21 December. The SVR Stock Book records that it was subsequently used on gala and charter freight trains.[2]

During 2001 955243 and fellow Toadfit 953153 were both damaged by fire while stored in the Engineers’ siding at the Stourport Triangle. Damage to 955243 was the more serious, with not one piece of timber left unburned.[3]

By 2015 only the frame and brake wheel remained as can be seen in this photograph taken at the Stourport Triangle.

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