Alveley Sidings (South) ground frame

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Alveley Sidings (South) ground frame was a two lever ground frame located at the South end of Alveley Sidings, allowing entry to the sidings for Down (northbound) trains and exit from the sidings for Up (southbound) trains. Alveley Sidings (North) ground frame allowed similar movements at the north end of the sidings.

Both ground frames were locked by the Highley-Hampton Loade token. The sidings opened on 30 January 1939 and remained in use for coal traffic after the closure of the line between Bewdley and Shrewsbury in 1963, accessed from the Bewdley end. However, the mine became uneconomical to work and was closed in 1969, with the sidings and line north of Bewdley being closed at the same time, as no other source of traffic remained.

Both North and South groundframes survived into SVR ownership. This (South) ground frame was fettled for use in The Seven-Per-Cent Solution[1].


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