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686 The Lady Armaghdale
2047 ‘Warwickshire’

The Warwickshire Industrial Locomotive Preservation Trust (charity number 1201400) was formed in 2022 to replace two previous groups, the Warwickshire Industrial Locomotive Preservation Group and the Warwickshire Industrial Locomotive Trust[1][2].


Warwickshire Industrial Locomotive Preservation Group (WILPG)

WILPG owns two steam locomotives based at the SVR, the industrial tank engines 686 The Lady Armaghdale and 2047 Warwickshire.

It was formed in 1967 to preserve Manning Wardle 0-6-0ST Works No 2047. The Group began with 30 Members[note 1] who each subscribed £10 to cover the purchase price (£150) and transport cost (£55) of bringing the locomotive to the SVRSevern Valley Railway, with the balance used for spares and restoration costs.[3] In 1969 the Group purchased their second locomotive, Hunslet 0-6-0T works number 686, at a cost of £250.[4]

Warwickshire Industrial Locomotive Trust ('WILT')

In 1993 a number of WILPG members formed WILT, a trust to raise funds for building a new boiler for 2047 Warwickshire.[5][6] WILT's constitution was adopted on 2 July 1994 and it became registered as charity number 1041723 on 27 October 1994. Its principal activities are described as "Educational activities associated with the Kidderminster Railway Museum and the Highley Engine House. Fund raising for the overhaul of the steam loco Manning, Wardle 2047 of 1926 known as Warwickshire."[7]

An application was made in 2005 to The Heritage Lottery Fund for a grant of £151,000, but this was declined the following year.[4]

Warwickshire Industrial Locomotive Preservation Trust (WILPT)

In April 2022 at a WILT and WILPG joint annual general meeting members unanimously voted to merge and form a Charitable Incorporated Organisation.[8] The following December the Charity Commission approved the application to create the Trust.

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  1. Thirty shares were sold. SVRSevern Valley Railway News 13 suggested there were 25 members involved; it is not clear if this was an error in SVRSevern Valley Railway News or whether some members purchased more than one share.


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