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This is an incomplete listing of wagons formerly resident on the SVRSevern Valley Railway but now moved elsewhere or scrapped.

Group Wagon Description Arrived Left Location now Comment Vintage Carriages Database
LNWRLondon & North Western Railway DM395273 6-wheeled Covered Combination Truck (CCT) 1973 1982 Body: Washford
Frame: Bressingham?
2857 Soc “Pooley Van”, used by SVRSevern Valley Railway C&WCarriage & Wagon & S&TSignals & Telegraph Depts[1]. Left SVRSevern Valley Railway for Buxton Body
LMSR 98543 4-wheeled covered van 1975 Unknown, possibly scrapped Owned by 2857 Soc. At Bewdley in 1975[2], no longer present by 1990[3]. No record
LMSR 691804 20 ton Ore Hopper 1985 2014 Rocks by Rail Formerly owned by 2857 Soc. Link


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