Timetable: Severn Valley Branch 1942

This 1942 public timetable shows trains between Hartlebury / Kidderminster and Shrewsbury via the Severn Valley Branch. Times for trains originating at or returning to Worcester are included.

Although 1942 was at the height of the Second World War, the timetable still shows four weekday through services in each direction. These were:

From Shrewsbury:

  • 8.15am to Kidderminster (arr 10.06am)
  • 12.00pm to Hartlebury (arr 1.55pm)
  • 5.30pm to Kidderminster (arr 7.15pm)
  • 8.30pm to Hartlebury (arr 10.20pm) and Worcester

To Shrewsbury:

  • 7.29am from Hartlebury (arr 9.22am)
  • 10.50am from Kidderminster (arr 12.43pm)
  • 2.15pm from Hartlebury (arr 4.07pm)
  • 6.03pm from Hartlebury (arr 7.57pm)

Timetable Severn Valley Branch 1942.jpg

Rail car workings

The page below is extracted from the GWR's internal document "GWR Birmingham and Worcester Divisions, Working of Coaches (rail motor, auto cars etc), 5 October 1942". It shows the working arrangements for the GWR Railcars which were based at Worcester. Three cars ("A", "B", and "C") were used daily. "B" mainly served the Severn Valley Branch, including services to and from Highley mainly for the use of miners working at Highley Colliery. "C" mainly served the Tenbury Branch. Both "B" and "C" are referred to as "New type", presumably referring to the modified 1940 "razor-edge" design which followed on from the original 18 "flying banana" cars.

GWR WC B-WR 1942-10-05 23.jpg

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