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Opening dates

Services on the SVRSevern Valley Railway began progressively as follows:

  • May 1970: Bridgnorth to Hampton Loade. This section had been closed by BRBritish Rail or British Railways in 1963.
  • May 1974: Hampton Loade to Bewdley (services as far as Highley began a month earlier). The SVRSevern Valley Railway also acquired the line between Bewdley and Foley Park, although this was only used on special occasions such as 'Enthusiasts Events'. BRBritish Rail or British Railways’s use of Bewdley Station and the Foley Park connection had ended in 1970 when onward services from Bewdley ceased.
  • July 1984: Bewdley to Kidderminster. Use of the last portion under BRBritish Rail or British Railways ownership for commercial traffic from Foley Park to Kidderminster had ended in 1982. BRBritish Rail or British Railways would continue to use the existing station at Kidderminster as part of the Birmingham Snow Hill to Worcester line. As it was not feasible to share this station, the SVRSevern Valley Railway built their own adjacent station, Kidderminster Town.

Other notable events

Follow the links below to see a history of the SVRSevern Valley Railway in preservation by year.

Severn Valley Railway timeline since 1965
1965-1969 1965 * 1966 * 1967 * 1968 * 1969
1970-1979 1970 * 1971 * 1972 * 1973 * 1974 * 1975 * 1976 * 1977 * 1978 * 1979
1980-1989 1980 * 1981 * 1982 * 1983 * 1984 * 1985 * 1986 * 1987 * 1988 * 1989
1990-1999 1990 * 1991 * 1992 * 1993 * 1994 * 1995 * 1996 * 1997 * 1998 * 1999
2000-2009 2000 * 2001 * 2002 * 2003 * 2004 * 2005 * 2006 * 2007 * 2008 * 2009
2010-2019 2010 * 2011 * 2012 * 2013 * 2014 * 2015 * 2016 * 2017 * 2018 * 2019

Current Organisation

The present day Severn Valley Railway (SVRSevern Valley Railway) is made up of three companies:[1]

  • Severn Valley Railway (Holdings) PLC, usually abbreviated to “SVRSevern Valley Railway(H)”, is the public company that owns the railway’s infrastructure. The SVRSevern Valley Railway has around 15,000 shareholders, who own a stake in this company.
  • Severn Valley Railway Company Limited, commonly referred to as “the Guarantee Company”, is the SVRSevern Valley Railway’s membership arm and provides the volunteers who help to operate the railway. The Guarantee Company owns approximately 17.75% of SVRSevern Valley Railway(H).[2] The SVRSevern Valley Railway has around 12,500 members, who are automatically members of this company (all of the around 1,700 volunteers must be members).
  • Severn Valley Railway Charitable Trust Ltd, “the Charitable Trust”, raises funds to support the SVRSevern Valley Railway. The objectives are to raise funds for the long-term preservation of rolling stock belonging to the trust and station buildings, track and other associated infrastructure. It also includes the education for the benefit of the public and provision of education and skills training.[3]

The Severn Valley Railway Association, “SVRASevern Valley Railway Association” was a separate group run by working volunteers with the objective of providing support to the SVRSevern Valley Railway membership, and particularly the working volunteers. The SVRASevern Valley Railway Association was merged into the Guarantee Company in October 2015.[4]

Internally the SVRSevern Valley Railway is organised into a number of departments, principally as follows:

Motive Power Department (MPDMotive Power Depot)

Bridgnorth Locomotive Works (Engineering Services)
Bridgnorth Boiler Shop
Locomotive Crew

Operating Department

Train crew
Stations and Booking Offices


IT and Telecomunications

Permanent Way Department (P.W.Permanent Way Department)

Carriages and Wagons

Catering, Bars and Buffet Cars



A list of Chairmen, and those holding the title of President/Patron of SVRSevern Valley Railway(H), is as follows:

Severn Valley Railway Society

The Guarantee Company

SVRSevern Valley Railway(H)

The position of President has not been occupied since, although a number of retired Chairmen and other long-serving officials have been given the honorary position of Vice-President. At the end of 2018 there were 9 current Vice-Presidents.[5]
  • HRH The Duke of Gloucester, KG, GCVO, GCStJ 1997-

Severn Valley Railway Association See SVRA Chairmen

SVRSevern Valley Railway Charitable Trust

The SVRSevern Valley Railway Rolling Stock Trust Company Limited:
Severn Valley Railway Charitable Trust Limited

General Managers

The General Manager is the leading manager of both SVRSevern Valley Railway(H) and the Guarantee Company. The position is not currently a Director of either company. SVRSevern Valley Railway General Managers were as follows:


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