The Inspector Alleyn Mysteries

Scammell Mechanical Horse at Kidderminster
The Inspector Alleyn Mysteries was a 1990s BBC television series adapted from the novels of Dame Ngaio Marsh and starring Patrick Malahide.

Series 1, Episode 3, 'Final Curtain' was first broadcast on 2 May 1983.

Series 1, Episode 4, 'Death at the Bar' was first broadcast on 9 May 1993.

Filming on the SVR

The railway scenes filmed on the SVR featured 7819 Hinton Manor and a number of the GWR carriages.

'Final Curtain' shows the train crossing Victoria Bridge, then later at Arley.

For 'Death at the Bar' a closing scene was filmed outside Kidderminster station entrance and on the station concourse, which at the time did not have the canopy. The closing scene begins with a brief shot of a Scammell Mechanical Horse.

Although the novel was set in 1939, Hinton Manor's BR smokebox number and 'cycling lion' logo are visible.

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