The 2857 Society

The 2857 Society was first founded as the 28xx Society in 1972. It is an unincorporated membership society that owns GWR Locomotive 2857 and LMS Brake Van 730866. Membership is by subscription, with a requirement for members also to become a shareholder. The Society publishes a newsletter, '28 Lines', around twice a year.

Until 2014 The Society owned and used GWR carriage 5043 (now under conversion to GWR 9581 Wheelchair accessible Buffet Car) as a workshop, when it was transferred to the Great Western (SVR) Association. Since 2014 it uses Bewdley-based GWR 143 Tool & Packing Van.

It also owned and sold LMS Hopper Wagon 691804, LNWR 6-wheeled Covered Combination Truck DM395273 and LMS 4-wheeled covered van 98543.

The Society is also a minor shareholder of Severn Valley Railway (Holdings) PLC.[1]


Limited edition prints

The Society has produced limited edition prints to raise funds:

  • 'Accelerating the Goods' was a signed and numbered print from John Austin GRA painting showing 2857 in as-built condition, with inside steam passage cylinders, accelerating a goods train on the up fast line from Reading in evening sunlight.
  • Prints of a Bob Kyte pen and ink drawing of 2857 in an 'as restored' condition.

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