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Bewdley history before preservation: add reference
[[File:PGH BewdleyGoods.jpg|thumb|200px|right|An up goods passes Bewdley in April 1962 (PG Hindley)]]
[[File:Bewdley1898.jpg|thumb|200px|right|Bewdley Station in 1898]]
*1862 Bewdley has a population of 2900<ref>[[Bibliography | Handbook to the Severn Valley Railway, J. Randall, 1863]]</ref> (Population; 10869 in 2001)<ref>[ census]</ref>
*1862: When the Severn Valley Line opened, Bewdley was a crossing point and was deemed a principal station, being provided with a goods shed and goods yard. Construction of the [[Wyre Forest Line | Tenbury and Bewdley Railway]] and the [[Kidderminster Loop Line]] had already been authorised, and the station was always planned to be a junction.
*1877: In preparation for the delayed opening of the Kidderminster Loop, authorisation was given to enlarge the island platform and provide a shelter and footbridge. New Bewdley North and Bewdley South signal boxes were also built.