Hay Bridge

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Bridge 26. Hay Bridge allows the main road between Bridgnorth and Highley to pass underneath the Severn Valley Railway. The Much of the bridge was replaced by the SVR in 1975 as part of a programme of work to upgrade the line and increase the permitted axle weight of locomotives using it, although the main girder still carries a plaque showing “Brymbo 1861”. The low clearance makes the bridge subject to strikes by road vehicles, a notable example being in [[Severn Valley Railway Timeline 1990-1999#1994 | May 1994]] when a skip lorry demolished the west-side walkway and moved the main girders two feet out of alignment! <gallery>File: Hay_Bridge_20150415.jpg | Hay bridgeFile: Hay_Bridge_2_20150415.jpg | Hay bridge detail</gallery> 
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