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Severn Valley Railway Charitable Trust Ltd

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*The Charitable Trust funds most supports a variety of the costs of the SVR’s [[Heritage Skills Training Academy]] and team of apprentices. It costs £21projects including rolling stock, infrastructure,000 to fund an apprentice for one yearpermanent way, and the Trust funded £165diesel,125 in 2017 (2016: £35Bridgnorth development,000).<ref>[http://apps.charitycommissioneducation and SVR Charitable Trust Report and Financial Statements 30 June 2017]</ref>
===Previous support===Major projects include:*It secured an HLF grant of £95,000 towards the restoration of [[GWR 4930 Hagley Hall | 4930 Hagley Hall]].*The Charitable Trust has worked closely with volunteers from funds most of the [[The LNER Carriage Group | LNER Carriage Group]] to raise funds for and in conjunction with Carriage & Wagon to complete costs of the final restoration work on three Gresley teak carriages (SVR’s [[LNER 7960 Kitchen Composite|Kitchen Composite 7960]], [[LNER 24506 Brake Third|Brake Third 24506Heritage Skills Training Academy]] and [[LNER 52255 Open Third|Open Third 52255]]team of apprentices.) These were splendidly showcased when Flying Scotsman visited the SVR in September 2016.*It contributed £30costs £21,000 to fund an apprentice for one year, and the annual track re-laying work that took place Trust funded £98,457 in 2016 between Eardington and Bridgnorth2019.*The Trust has been instrumental in funding the stonework restoration on [[Sandbourne Viaduct]] with £60It secured an HLF grant of £95,000 and contributed in 2017*In January 2018 it raised £13over £500,000 by appeal to repair the overhaul of [[Severn_Valley_Railway_Timeline_2010-2019#2017 GWR 4930 Hagley Hall | damage caused by vandals4930 Hagley Hall]] to two coaches. *A rolling stock fundraising and restoration project for At [[GWR 17410 'Toad' 20T Goods Brake Van | GWR Toad van 17410Falling Sands Viaduct]] took place in collaboration with the [[The LNER Carriage Group | LNER Carriage Group]] and it raised around £10,000*The Trust funded the overhaul of [[GWR 9615 Kitchen Diner First]] from 2018£1.<ref>[ 'Platform' magazine25m for major repairs, 2018 Issue 4, pcompleted in 2021.6]</ref>*It contributed to Applications for the track re-laying work that took place in 2018 at [[Accommodation bridge near Severn Lodge#County_Boundary_landslip2020 coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic|County BoundaryFight Back Fund]]*It supported for which the reinstating of the [[Eardington#The_platform|Eardington Station platform]] in January 2018*In 2019 it hit its £397SVR received £250,000 target for its [[Falling Sands Viaduct]] appeal and was awarded a further £853,800 grant from The [[:Category:Lottery funding#National_Lottery_Heritage_Fund|National Lottery Heritage Emergency Fund]], following an initial £71,800 in 2017 to develop its bid.*In 2019 a £10and £906,000 grant from the Postcode Lottery funded covered outdoor seating and an enlarged Anderson shelter at [[The Engine House]]Culture Recovery Fund.<ref>[ Express Points April 2019entertainment/attractions/2020/07/15/severn-valley-railway-receives-250000-funding-boost-ahead-of-reopening/ Smith, R., 'Severn Valley Railway receives £250,000 funding boost ahead of reopening', Shropshire Star, 15 July 2020](Retrieved 15 July 2020)</ref><ref>[*In October 2017 the Trust announced it was establishing an [[The Engine House#Commemorative_Garden|In Memory Garden]] uk/government/news/445-heritage-organisations-saved-by-103-million-investment-from-government Department for SVR supportersDigital, Culture, close to [[The Engine HouseMedia & Sport]]. (Retrieved 9 October 2020)</ref>
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