Severn Valley Railway Charitable Trust Ltd

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Patrons and Guardians
*It supported the reinstating of the [[Eardington#The_platform|Eardington Station platform]] in January 2018
*In 2019 it hit its £397,000 target for its [[Falling Sands Viaduct]] appeal and was awarded a further £853,800 grant from The National Lottery Heritage Fund, following an initial £71,800 in 2017 to develop its bid.
*In 2019 a £10,000 grant from the Postcode Lottery funded covered outdoor seating and an enlarged Anderson shelter at [[The Engine House]].<ref>[ Express Points April 2019]</ref>.
The Trust has sought to develop large scale fundraising. To generate support from "influential individuals" the Trust may typically invite a small group to spend a day on the SVR using an Observation Saloon to make conducted vists to workshops to met staff and volunteer craftsmen.<ref>2013 Annual Report</ref>
*It appointed Compton Fundraising Consultants'*In addition to gifts it seeks pledges or future bequests. Those leaving a gift in their Will to the SVR Charitable Trust are invited to join the '''Guardians' Club'''.<ref name=CTDonation>[ Charitable Trust Website 'Make a Donation'] (retrieved 12 August 2019)</ref>*Patrons make Individuals donating over £100 or giving regular gifts by monthly contributionsare invited to join the '''Patrons' Club'''.<ref name=CTDonation/>
*It has the support of Corporate partners
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