Severn Valley Railway Charitable Trust Ltd

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===Current appeals===
*It is appying applying to the HLF for funds to repair [[Falling Sands Viaduct]]*The Trust supports the diesel groups' appeal seeking to improve facilities at the [[Diesel Depot |Kidderminster Diesel Depot]] which opened in June 2016.<ref>[ Diesel Leaflet]</ref> {{As of|By June 2017|7}} donations have reached £6the trust had contributed £40,430000 to this project.<ref>[ Platform 2017]</ref>
*The Charitable Trust is supporting the SVR’s ambitious [[Bridgnorth#Bridgnorth_Development_Project|Bridgnorth Development Project]]. {{As of|2017|11}} £83,000 has now been received for the project, including £18,000 that has been restricted to restoring the [[Bridgnorth Turntable|Bristol Bath Road turntable]] at the station.<ref>[ 'Bridgnorth Project' page, 28 November 2017]</ref>
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