Severn Valley Railway Charitable Trust Ltd

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*It is appying to the HLF for funds to repair [[Falling Sands Viaduct]]
*The Trust supports the diesel groups' appeal seeking to improve facilities at the [[Diesel Depot |Kidderminster Diesel Depot]] which opened in June 2016.<ref>[ Diesel Leaflet]</ref> {{As of|2017|7}} donations have reached £6,430.
*The Charitable Trust is supporting the SVR’s ambitious Bridgnorth Development Project. {{As of|2017|11}} £83,000 has now been received for the project, including £18,000 that has been restricted to restoring the Bristol Bath Road turntable at the station.<ref>[http 'Bridgnorth Project' page, 28 November 2017]</ref>
*A rolling stock fundraising and restoration project for [[GWR 17410 'Toad' 20T Goods Brake Van | GWR Toad van 17410]] is now underway, in collaboration with the [[The LNER Carriage Group | LNER Carriage Group]]. {{As of|2017|7}} donations reached £7,275.<ref>SVRLive 'GWR Toad van 17410' page, 7 July 2017</ref>
*{{As of|2018|01}} it launched a £10,000 appeal to repair [[Severn_Valley_Railway_Timeline_2010-2019#2017 | damage caused by vandals]] to two coaches.
*In early 2016, the [[The LNER (SVR) Coach Fund|LNER (SVR) Coach Fund]] and the [[Severn Valley Railway (Holdings) PLC|SVR Holdings Company]] transferred the ownership of their LNER carriages to the Charitable Trust, resulting in the Trust now owning all nine LNER carriages based on the SVR.
The Charitable Trust is the SVR's 'owner of last resort', "''...ensuring that various locomotives, coaches and wagons that have been lovingly restored over many years by SVR volunteers can remain at the Railway, in perpetuity. As the members of the many preservation groups inevitably age and their numbers dwindle, items of rolling stock can be donated to the Charitable Trust, in order to be absolutely certain they will remain at the Railway for the long-term.''"<ref>[http Statement from Director of Development, November 2016 on SVR Live]</ref>
A full list of all the rolling stock owned by the Trust can be found [[:Category:Rolling stock owned by The SVR Charitable Trust | here]].
[ Charitable Trust website]<br>
[http SVRLive page]
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