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Richard Hugh 'Dickie' Dunn M.B.E. T.D. was Chairman of the Severn Valley Railway Company between 1973 and 1975.

Richard Dunn was a practising solicitor with offices in Birmingham and Worcester, and the Severn Valley Railway Society’s solicitor from 1966 in the early days of preservation. He led the SVRSevern Valley Railway's presentations at the Public Enquiry into the granting of a Light Railway Order on 1 October 1968,[1] assisted by Bill Gillett and Christopher George.[2] During 1969 he wrote a number of articles in SVRSevern Valley Railway News updating members with progress of the granting of the LROLight Railway Order and the purchase of the line, and ultimately submitted the application for the Transfer Order on behalf of the SVRSevern Valley Railway which led to the successful opening of the line in 1970.[3]

In 1970 he also led the negotiations with Mr T.D. Cook of BRBritish Rail or British Railways Estates to purchase the southern section of the line, with the meeting on 7 April 1970 at which the purchase price was agreed taking place at his office. He was pictured in SVRSevern Valley Railway News with Sir Gerald Nabarro during the latter’s visit to the SVRSevern Valley Railway on 19 July 1970.[4]

Mr Dunn was one of the original Directors of the Guarantee Company.[5] In 1971 he was appointed Deputy Chairman under Sir Gerald Nabarro, while still acting as the Railway’s solicitor.[6] In late 1971 he published a statement in SVRSevern Valley Railway News summarising the Board’s proposal to float the Public Company SVR(H) to raise money to buy the southern section of the line to Foley Park.[7] Further articles were published by him during 1972 and early 1973 on the floatation of SVRSevern Valley Railway(H) and the negotiations on the proposed construction of the Bridgnorth Bypass[8]

When Sir Gerald Nabarro agreed to step down in 1973, Richard Dunn took over as Chairman of the Guarantee Company with Hugh Mossop becoming his Deputy Chairman. He also became Deputy Chairman of SVRSevern Valley Railway(H) under Viscount Garnock.[9] In the same year he negotiated an injection of capital from Rubery Owen which was key to the extension of the line to Bewdley the following year.[10]

At the SVRSevern Valley Railway(H) AGM on 9 May 1975, Richard Dunn was not re-elected as a Director and accordingly ceased to be the Deputy Chairman, being replaced in due course in that role by John Garth. Mick York was one of the newly elected Directors at the same AGM.[11] In August of that year Mr Dunn also resigned from the Board of the Guarantee Company, being succeeded as Chairman by Hugh Mossop.[5]

In spring 1977 Richard Dunn wrote for SVRSevern Valley Railway News a tribute to Viscount Cobham following the latter’s death on 20 March of that year.[12] In Autumn 1986 he attended the SVRSevern Valley Railway’s 21st Anniversary event.[13] He had an active interest in the Kidderminster Turntable project, taking part in the draw in April 1993 for the SVRA ‘Spin a Loco’ raffle at Kidderminster.[14] He also obtained the original pit construction drawings for Fort William from Sir William MacAlpine which were used in the final design for its reinstallation at Kidderminster.[15]

He died on 5-6 June 2022[16].

Dr W. H. Dunn

Richard Dunn's father was the late Dr W.H. Dunn, a keen supporter of the SVRSevern Valley Railway in its early days and also the SVRSevern Valley Railway’s Medical Officer.[17]

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