Other rolling stock

As well as Locomotives, Carriages and Goods Wagons, other items of rolling stock may be found on the SVR. These include the following:


Wickham Trolleys

The SVR has five Wickham Trolleys in various states of repair. Originally built by D. Wickham & Co Ltd of Ware in Hertfordshire between 1948 and 1990, these trolleys were used in service as railway engineering personnel carriers, transporting PW working parties and materials to sites along the line. The Lesmac Swift trolley and trailer is a more modern equivalent serving the same purpose.

Original owner Number Type Built Current location Condition Owner Notes
LNER 748 Wickham Trolley 1934 Highley Operational 2w-2PMR, Works No 1580
BR PWM 3189 Wickham Trolley 1948 Highley Trailer vehicle for 748 2w-2PMR (dismantled), Works No 5019
BR DB965054 Wickham Trolley 1957 Bewdley Trailer vehicle for 9021 2w-2PMR (dismantled), Works No 7577
BR (?) TP49P Wickham Trolley 1957 Highley Awaiting restoration 2w-2PMR (dismantled), Works No 7690
Ministry of Supply 9021 Wickham Trolley 1958 Bewdley Operational 2w-2PMR, Works no 8085
TBA 901007 Lesmac Swift Trolley 2006 Bewdley Operational

Cranes and jib runners

The SVR has a number of mobile cranes, some as preserved exhibits and others as working assets.

Original owner Number Type Built Current location Condition Owner Notes
GWR 446 6Ton Hand Crane 1896 Arley The GWR 813 Preservation Fund
GWR 2501 Crane jib runner for GWR 446 1932 Arley The GWR 813 Preservation Fund Ex 'Rotank' 6-Wheeled Road Milk Tank Flat Wagon.
BR(W) DW 35 6-ton steam crane 1949 Eardington SVR(H)
GWR DW 75 Crane jib runner for DW 35 1927 Eardington SVR(H)
GWR 601 1Ton 10cwt Hand Crane 1892 Kidderminster The GWR 813 Preservation Fund Converted from an older broad gauge crane
BR RS 1087 Cowans Sheldon 30-ton Steam Crane 1960 Bridgnorth Operational SVR(H) Formerly based at Chester West MPD
BR 998524 Crane jib runner for RS 1087 1961 Bridgnorth SVR(H)

On track plant

The SVR makes use of a number of items of plant to maintain the permanent way. Some of these have a road-rail capability.

Number Type Current location and condition Notes
L696MRM Case Poclain Road Railer Excavator and trailer In service
BP065 Permaquip Ballast Packer In service To be moved onto an isolated piece of track and lifted out and taken to site by an road rail vehicle when required
008 Mobile Elevating Work Platform In service Purchased November 2020. Mainly for S&T Dept for signal post access. EVN/RIV number 99709 942098-3
DX68811 Permaquip Personnel Carrier and trailer In service Undergoing repairs June 2023
H 55146 Komatsu 160 Road Railer and trailer In service Purchased November 2022. EVN/RIV number 99709 940711-3
RBB116 Ballast Brush In service EVN/RIV number 99709 000042-0. Resident since ~2022, to be moved onto an isolated piece of track at Highley (June 2023)
56061 Permaquip Muscleman track slewing machine Stored To be moved onto an isolated piece of track at Highley (June 2023)

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