National Railway Museum

View of the Great Hall

The National Railway Museum (NRM) is a museum which sets out to tell the story of rail transport in Britain and its social impact. It is part of the Science Museum Group, which includes the Science Museum in London, the Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) in Manchester and 'Locomotion' in Shildon, County Durham. It operates the Railway Heritage Designation Advisory Board (until 2013, the Railway Heritage Committee) that selects important items for collection, and purchases important material offered for sale.

It is the home of the national collection of historically significant railway vehicles, some of which have visited the SVR for a period, including locomotive 45000 and some which remain resident. An example being GWR Restaurant Third 9653.

In 2018 the NRM announced its new brand – Railway Museum – which it considers aligns better with the Science Museum Group's portfolio of other museums.[1]

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