March 13

Cleobury Road Bridge
On March 13 in SVR history.
  • 1878 The Divisional Engineer, Wolverhampton reported that a portion of the newly constructed arch of Bewdley Tunnel was giving way. The tunnel continued to deteriorate until being fully relined in 1910.[1]
  • 1889 The GWR bought the rights to clay and minerals under the railway at Jackfield, to prevent their extraction damaging the railway.[2]
  • 1982 LMS 5000 took the Welsh Marches Pullman between Hereford and Newport.[3]
  • 1989 7819 Hinton Manor was used in filming an item for the BBC/Open University production "Entrepreneurs".[4]
  • 1993 A replacement bus service ran between Bridgnorth and Hampton Loade after repairs to Cleobury Road Bridge overran.[5]
  • 2006 BR GUVs 94157 and 94200 arrived at the SVR from EWS Railways at Old Oak Common.

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