Loyalty Pass

The Annual Family Pass was introduced in November 2012, for the regular visitor. From April 2020 the passes became Loyalty Passes open to all. They allowed travel as many times as the holder(s) like in any 12-month period from the date of issue. In November 2021 the Railway announced the cessation of the pass scheme at the end of that year. From April 2022 it launched the UNLIMITED Freedom of the Line Pass.



As introduced, the pass was valid for one or two named adults and up to four children (under 4s travel free). It was valid on all days when standard timetables are in operation and special events when standard fares apply. It was not valid on special event dates when revised fares are in operation, nor on non-timetabled trains, nor did it give any discount on tickets for those services.

The pass, on dates it was valid, also gave access to The Engine House.

Variations over time

  • From 2014 passes required photo-identification for the named adults at the time of purchase of the pass, which is also required to be shown when using the pass.
  • From June 2016, a change was made to allow dogs to travel in place of children, so there was still a total maximum of four children and dogs. Passholder(s) did not need to have children or dogs with them to make use of the pass.
  • From 2018 a 'Small Family' version was introduced aimed at single parents or grandparents eligible for one adult and up to 4 children (or dogs), with a small price reduction.
  • Initially it was available for purchase in advance only, but it became available to purchase on the day or online. For passengers who had travelled on the railway in the previous seven days (except for special events with revised fares), the railway deducted the cost of the journey from the cost of the annual pass.
  • From April 2020 the passes became 'Loyalty Passes' open to all. They also became valid at premium fare special events on payment of a supplement.
  • During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020-21 passes were sold to aid the Fight Back Fund and passes were extended to compensate for periods of closure. As with shareholder benefits, charges were made for certain events including Galas.
  • 'UNLIMITED Freedom of the Line' passes could be purchased for adult; child; two adults; small family (one adult and two children); large family (two adults and up to four children); and disabled passenger and carer.
  • From 2024 passes became valid for a full 12 months from the date of purchase, not just for the current season[1].


  • Initially passes cost £95.00 per year.
  • From December 2013 passes cost £120.00 per year with renewals at £100.00.
  • From December 2014 passes cost £150.00 per year with renewals at £135.00.
  • From December 2015 passes cost £175.00 per year with SVR Members at £165.00.
  • In December 2017 passes cost £185.00 per year with SVR Members at £175.00. The Small Family version was introduced at £165/£155 respectively.
  • In 2019 passes cost £195.00 per year with SVR Members at £155.00. The Small Family version was £175/£165 respectively.
  • From April 2020:
2 adults + up to 4 children/dogs £250 with SVR Members at £240
2 Adults [no children] £225 with SVR Members at £215
1 Adult + up to 4 children/dogs £175 with SVR Members at £165
1 Adult [no children] £125 with SVR Members at £115
Disabled + 1 carer £150 with SVR Members at £140
Premium fare special events supplements: Family [2+4] £22, Adult £10 Child £7.
  • From April 2022 (excluding SVR member discounts):
Adult £150
Child £100
Two adults £270
Small family (one adult and two children) £210
Large family (two adults and up to four children) £300
Disabled passenger and carer £180.00

Inclusion in traffic figures

The railway did not record individual usage and counted in its passenger ticket sales a nominal two trips per pass per year. In 2016, following passenger surveys, the railway changed its publication of passenger numbers from tickets sold to estimated journeys made, which includes an allowance for Annual Family Passes and other passes for which individual tickets are not purchased. In 2020 and 2021 the pre-booking of compartments allowed a better recording of usage.

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