LNER 223162 Mineral Wagon

LNER 223162 Mineral Wagon
LNER 223162 20150307.jpg
LNER Ballast Wagon 223162
Built By LNER Darlington
Status Static display
Number Highley Mining Co 162 (fictitious)
Other Numbers 223162, BSC 25, Ynisarwed 557 (fictitious)
Built 1938
Type 4w 7-plank Tippler
1971 Arrived on SVR
1973 Filmed for "Carrie's War"
1990 Overhauled
2007 Cosmetic restoration

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7 plank wooden chassis mineral wagon No 223162 was built by the LNER at Darlington in 1938. It had a capacity of 12 tons[1].



In 1941, 223162 was was one of 200 which the LNER converted into open wagons by removing the top two planks above the side doors. The wagon was later sold to the British Sugar Corporation at Foley Park where it was numbered 25. BSC donated 10 open wagons to the SVR in 1969 and a further four, including No 25, in 1971[2].


The wagon was moved from Foley Park onto the SVR on 15 May 1971. In 1973 it was painted in the fictitious private owner livery of ‘Ynisarwed, Swansea No 557’ for filming of the BBC series "Carrie's War". It was then sheeted over and used to store locomotive spares at Bridgnorth, which helped protect the wooden frame and kept it in reasonable condition.

In summer 1990 the wagon was selected for overhaul in order to be used in that year's Freight weekend. The overhaul required a new floor and the replacement of one curb rail and a number of planks in the sides, ends and doors. It was also repainted into original LNER grey livery with a diagonal stripe,[3] although the modification of the planks being removed above the side doors was retained[4].

By 2007 223612 was considered unlikely to run again in general service and best suited for indoor display. It was therefore overhauled in Kidderminster Carriage Works in preparation for the forthcoming opening of The Engine House. The floor and one end of the wagon were still in good condition, but the timber in both sides and one end door was scrap while the iron bracing was also corroded and buckled.[5] Repairs were duly completed and the opportunity was also taken to convert it back to a mineral wagon by reinstating the planks above the side doors. Finally it was repainted in the livery of the 'Highley Mining Company', carrying the fictitious number 162 (the last 3 digits of the works number). As of 2019, it remains on display in The Engine House.

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