LMS 31420 Gangwayed Full Brake

LMS 31420 Gangwayed Full Brake
LMS 31420 20150516.jpg
LMS Gangwayed Brake 31420
Built By BR Wolverton
Status Static use
Number 31420
Other numbers M31420M, XDB977023
Built 1950
Designed By Ivatt
Diagram 2171
Lot 1588
Type BG
Length 50ft 1in
Weight 25T
Seats None
1992 Arrived on SVR


LMS Passenger Brake 31420 is type of 50ft brake vehicle, contemporary with the porthole stock, which was developed from the shorter ‘Stove-R’ type vehicle and could take a 12 ton load. It featured flush sides, unlike the earlier pre-War stock which had beaded panels.



31420 was built by BR at Wolverton in 1950 to LMS Diagram 2171, lot 1588.[1] It later carried the BR number M31420M.[2] After main line service ended in 1981, 31420 was used as a stationery stores vehicle at the BR printing works at Crewe, where it was given the departmental number XDB 977023[3].


It arrived on the SVR from Stonebridge Park, North London on 29 October 1992, initially intended as a source of bogie spares.[4] However it has remained intact, being mainly used as a components store at Kidderminster Carriage Works. Unlike the other SVR's other LMS-designed but BR-built carriages, 31420 was in the BR Crimson and Cream livery which it would have carried when entering service until a repaint in March 2017.

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