LMS 27218 Third Open

LMS 27218 Third Open
TO 27218 Severn Valley Railway.jpg
LMS 27218 Third Open
Built By LMS Wolverton
Status In service
Number 27218
Other numbers M27218M
Built 1945
Designed By Stanier
Diagram 1999
Lot 1401
Type QF, TO
Length 57ft
Weight 30T
Seats 56 third
1968 Arrived on SVR


Interior view of LMS Third Open 27218

The SVR has three examples of the LMS Third Open (TO), which was designed by Sir William Stanier. Building of this class began in 1938, but the Second Word War delayed the production of later batches. The LMS Open Third carriage seats 56 passengers at tables either side of a central aisle.


27218 in service

27218 was built in July 1945 at Wolverton as lot number 1401 to diagram number 1999.[1] It saw service with the LMS and later the BR London Midland Region as M27218M[2][3]

27218 in preservation

The SVR’s three LMS Third Opens, 27218, 27220 and 27270, were all rescued intact from Didcot Yard in 1968, arriving on 28 August with other vehicles. 27218 was originally preserved by the Warwickshire Railway Society and by 1974 was in use as the relief catering vehicle at Bridgnorth.[4]

It is now owned by SVR(H) and forms part of the LMS Maroon set (Set L).

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