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On January 1 in SVRSevern Valley Railway history.

  • 1869 The Tenbury Railway was transferred into joint LNWRLondon & North Western Railway and GWRGreat Western Railway ownership.[1]
  • 1948 Following nationalisation, the Severn Valley branch of the Great Western Railway became part of British Railways' Western Region.[2]
  • 1963 Control of the Severn Valley Branch passed from BRBritish Rail or British Railways's Western Region to their London Midland Region.[3]
  • 1969 GWR 178 Autotrailer Third first arrived on the SVRSevern Valley Railway.[4]
  • 1973 Michael Draper was appointed to the Board of SVRSevern Valley Railway(H) as Finance Director under the Chairmanship of Sir Gerald Nabarro.[5] Mr Draper was SVR General Manager from 1976-1993.
  • 1977 Bridgnorth signal box suffered a fire. The resulting damage to the structure and equipment took several months to repair.[6]
  • 1988 SE&CR Open Goods Wagon 12522 arrived on the SVRSevern Valley Railway.[7]
  • 2001 All SVRSevern Valley Railway trains became non-smoking


Photos taken on 1 January:

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