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Hampton Loade station

Hampton Loade station has two platforms and a signal box, allowing trains travelling in opposite directions to pass. The next stations in the UpIn reference to the direction of travel means towards the major terminus (i.e. towards Kidderminster on the present day SVR) direction towards Kidderminster are Country Park Halt and then Highley, and the next station in the DownIn reference to the direction of travel means away from the major terminus (i.e. towards Bridgnorth on the present day SVR) direction is Bridgnorth, where the line terminates. During the early years of SVRSevern Valley Railway operation (early 1970s) Hampton Loade formed the southern terminus. Evidence of this remains in the form of the presence of the down starting signal on platform 2, which is normally only used for up trains.

During periods of lighter traffic, when Hampton Loade signal box is switched out, all trains use platform 1, adjacent to the station house.

The crossing loop at Hampton Loade is the shortest on the railway, only able to hold a loco and 8 full-length coaches.

Hampton Loade is the base for Barry Railway Carriage Trust who are restoring Barry Railway Carriage 163.

Photos at Hampton Loade, showing station buildings, signalbox etc.

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