GWR Large Prairie 4141

GWR Large Prairie 4141
4141 20130914.jpg
4141 in September 2013
Built By GWR Swindon Works
Configuration 2-6-2T
BR rating 4MT
Status Under overhaul
Loco Number 4141
Built 1946
Designed By Charles Collett
Type GWR 5101
1963 Withdrawn and sent to Barry scrapyard
1973 Arrived on SVR
1988 Left the SVR
1998 Returned to steam
2007 Visited the SVR
Length 41ft
Weight 78t 15cwt
Tractive effort 24,300 lb
Pressure 200 lb/sq in

Steam Locomotives

4141 is a GWR Collett 5101 'Large Prairie' and a classmate of SVR-residents 4150 and 5164. It was resident on the SVR between 1973 and 1988, although restoration was never completed.


4141 in service

4141 was out-shopped from Swindon in August 1946, and was based at the Gloucester (Horton Rd) depot for its entire working life which lasted just 17 years. Following withdrawal by BR in February 1963, 4141 was sent to Barry Scrapyard.

4141 in preservation

In 1970 SVR member Peter Waite expressed an interest in purchasing the locomotive, and with assistance from the ‘Hampton Loade Locomotive Fund’ 4141 arrived on the SVR on 6 January 1973 in a convoy which included 5164, 4930 Hagley Hall and 7819 Hinton Manor.

After several months at Bewdley, 4141 moved to Hampton Loade where restoration began on an isolated section of track. However progress was slow and had effectively stalled by 1988 when the locomotive was sold and moved away from the SVR. It returned to the SVR in 2007 for an appearance at the Spring Steam Gala.

After spells at the Llangollen and Great Central Railways, in October 2012 the locomotive moved to its latest home, the Epping Ongar Railway. In 2017 it was sent to Loughborough for overhaul.

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