GWR 9369 Nondescript Saloon

GWR 9369 Nondescript Saloon
GWR G56 saloon 9369 at Kidderminster.jpg
GWR 9369 Nondescript Saloon
Built By GWR Swindon
Status In service
Number 9369
Other numbers DW150128
Built 1923
Designed By Collett
Diagram G56
Lot 1250
Type Nondescript, BTO
Length 56ft 11¼in
Weight 27t 11cwt
Seats 44 unclassified (as built)
1972 Preserved on SVR


9369 was ordered in 1915 as a successor to the 1912 Churchward ‘toplight’ prototype 9055, but due to the First World War it was not delivered until 1923, by which time CB Collett had succeeded GJ Churchward as CME. Unlike the prototype, 9369 did not actually have toplight windows. It included a small brake compartment, although in service this was probably use for storage of hampers rather than as accommodation for a guard.

Like the prototype, 9369 was an unclassified or ‘nondescript’ saloon (ie not allocated to any specific class such as first or third), and was used for private hire.

9369 spent most of its service life at Bristol. After withdrawal it saw departmental use as a Brake Third Open (BTO) numbered DW 150128, at Shrewsbury and Walsall, Norton Junction from where it arrived on 6 September 1972. It was originally purchased by a private owner, Mr John Tarrant, who oversaw a 10-year restoration.

9369 is now owned by The Great Western (SVR) Association. It is normally seen in the Toplights set, but was moved into Kidderminster carriage works for a bogie overhaul in September 2016. It is finished in GWR 1934-42 livery featuring the ‘shirt-button’ roundel.

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